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Insha Allah this summer I have planning to visit Shandur for Polo Tournament. Before this I have a long trip to Gilgit-Hunza-Sost-Skardu-Deosai-Chilas and back. These thrilling movement will be shared with you.

Happy "CHRISTMAS" to Viewers:

No other thing today, yes, HAPPY CHRISTMAS today. Christmas is around us and I must wish and congratulate viewers/visitors of TRAVEL TO NATURAL BEAUTY, smongst other, those from USA and Germany. You are very kind and encourgment your suggestions via email are really an assest for me.

More pics from Tokyo:

I skipped last post on Japan due to very important event from Hunza which was organized at LOK VIRSA "Wakhi Cultural Festival." About Japan I have more pics and contents. Here are some good scenery from beauty of Japan + Tokyo city life:

Music from Wakhi Cultural Festival:

Brief Facts: Inhabitants of Wakhan speaks Wakhi language and also known as Pamiri or Mountain Tajiks.
Population of these wakhan people is roughly estimated about 50,000. The population is mostly divided among these fours countries Pakistan, Tajikstan, Afghanistan and China. These wakhi are followers of Prince Karim Aga Khan and are Nizari Ismaili Shia Muslim. Literacy rate is better; about 60%.
In Pakistan Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association is an NGO actively involved in preserving the Wakhi Tajiki language and culture and record its poetry and music. In Gilgit Radio Pakistan broadcast the Wakhi program like Sada-e-Baame-eDunya” the voice of the Roof of the World.

We visited Lok visited on Saturday December 12, 2009 where Wakhi Cultural Festival were being organized from 9-13 December, 2009: It is was very impressive. You may like to listen and enjoy sweet melody of this region. It is from Hunza.

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